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Senior Life Coach & Grief Consultant

How do you get to the better version of you? This has been the challenge, plaguing many people. Grief has been known to stagnate, anchor, and keep people from moving forward.

I teach older people how to find the better version of themselves, and the J. Lewis III shows 

Grief is energy and all energy is both transferrable and transformable. Mr. Lewis's process shows people how to transform those negative circumstances into positive energy. 

According to The Grief Recovery Institutehumans are faced with over 40 different circumstances in their lives, that can be sources for griefs to occur.

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Every circumstance that you're going through is leading you to your destiny. Every puzzle piece does not look like it fits, but it does. Very slowly, the picture comes together, and you see how the lesson from your ordeal will aid you in the future.

Understand that life works in that way.  Lessons through pain, knowledge through discomfort, and strength through your moments of weakness, all lead to the eventual understanding and access to new possibilities.

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