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That old Sam Cooke song is very appropriate right now. "Change Gonna Come". We are seeing a cabinet more diverse than any in history. We are also at the same time seeing the growth of other cultures that represent America. To some, that represents a threat. The old way of life (what was that way?????) disappearing, has made some angry enough to attempt forced change. The recent events of January 6, 2021 proved that. People with a gripe actually stormed the capital and caused the death of a police officer.

There is always a resistance to change. It almost seems not human to fight change. A September 25, 2012 article in HBR (Harvard Business Review), had an article titled, Ten Reasons, Why People Resist Change. The second sentence was stunning because it describes resistance to change like this, "Resistance to change manifests itself in many ways, from foot-dragging and inertia to petty sabotage to outright rebellions." The author was stating this in the wake of Barak Obama's 2012 term.

Unfortunately the change wanted, means reversion to a way of life that would be considered inhumane by todays standards. (Also how can you see change as domination over another). It seems that some people are recognizing this opportunity for change and realizing that the old way of doing things, has become obsolete. Some have used the pandemic as an opportunity to pivot to a perhaps better circumstance.

A September 25. 2020 article in The Christian Science Monitor, talks about

how some entrepreneurs and other risk takers are seeing the pandemic as an opportunity. The article talks about the boom in entrepreneurial ventures and it showed how crisis can be more of a driver of business than a deterrent. The article stated, “A crisis always begets opportunity in more than one way,” says Mr. Penzel of Startup Genome. Over half of the Fortune 500 companies were started during a contraction and over 50 of them were created in the Great Recession alone, he says, and they are collectively valued at $145 billion." Evidence of incredible growth during a crisis.

Not being afraid of change, means that you are willing to take risks and bet on yourself. The great thing is that you are willing to make your dreams a reality instead of helping someone to realize theirs. Do not get me wrong, collecting a paycheck is not a bad thing at all. Simply understand that you have consequences in either scenario and guarantees in neither. The U.S. Unemployment rate is 6.7% according to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics. Those numbers are only increasing.

Given that fact, people must understand that change means survival. You may not like change, but I am pretty sure you are OK with survival. Change should give you the desire to pursue you goals and


Hear song "Change Gonna Come". embedded in illustration

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