A MAN AND HIS DOG (Truly a Best Friend)

Updated: Jan 16, 2021

I was struggling all day to find something to post about but when my dog did what he did, my reaction, proved that a long time relationship between a man and his dog is an immeasurable bond. I got Spanky (my dog), some treats over Christmas and although I been giving him like 1 a day, I guess he was not happy with my daily output. He took it upon himself to pry open the dog bin and proceeded to grab the bag of treats. When I came out of my room, Spanky had consumed all but 4 (They were a nice size also). My first reaction when I saw what he did, was to be upset that he may get sick and that he strode crumbs all over the floor.

My first instinct however, and immediate next move was to hug the crap out of him. Seeing that brought back so many memories of us. Things have been interesting for him since my wife (his mother) died in 2016. Spanky was her road dog and frankly was the reason we got him from the pound in the first place (yes, he is a rescue) and we have had him now for 13 years. He is family.

My daughters are older and do not live in TX, so it is just me and him hanging out. He clearly has not been the same (neither have I) since my wife's death, plus, according to the vet, his old age is playing a role in his health. Mind you, he is 13 and in dog years that makes him 91. He is pretty healthy for a senior citizen.

So seeing him raid his treats like that brought back good memories.

Keep in mind every memory related to a challenging circumstance is not always bad. The by-product of any circumstance of length (weeks, months or years), produces both good and bad memories. Don't focus on the bad, because you will absolutely miss the good that came from it.

Paula McGrath, of BBC News, brought this fact home in her May 3, 2014 article Why Good Memories Are Less Likely to Fade. McGrath states, "Psychologists say that holding onto our good memories - and leaving the bad ones behind - helps us to deal with unpleasant situations and retain a positive outlook on life."

I see that with my man Spanky. We have been through many things together. We have taught each other so much. Hell I didn't even want him, but having him has taught me the value of loyalty and never second guessing. Follow you heart, mind and instincts but always approach any situation through knowledge and wisdom primarily. Having Spanky was a great choice.

Getting a pet is only a task if you see it that way. Keep in mind the ultimate goal is using the newness of new. Getting a pet or taking care of something or someone, if you never have before, gives you the opportunity to find your new and gain a better perspective. The perspective should always be about the benefits that messy situations bring. Use a new perspective to


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