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I recently starting going through the process of looking for another health insurance. I feel that I am really healthy, I work out daily, meditate, eat well, pray, and have changed my overall outlook on life. Still, I was questioned about my medical history because at one time (when my wife died, over 4 years ago) I was in my worst state and that it is coming back as a question that will probably end up being a 12 month elimination period for anything related to that diagnoses and I never even was formerly diagnosed or prescribed anything.

At first, I was bummed out about being questioned because that means my MIB info (Medical Information Bureau) (The stuff that insurance companies use to rate you and it is provided by your doctor), has some information on me. The insurance company can have access to your doctor's notes and use that against you.

Needless to say, this post isn't even about that. Today a true human feeling has been washing over me. I look at the years that I have abused my body, done stupid things, eaten, drank and smoked, unhealthily and now there is a price to pay for all my years of insolence and stupidity.

This is such a wake up call. I am 48 years old and realizing that God has given me a gift and he is telling me to discover and use it because you never know when it could be your time. Ice Cube said it best in his song Dead Homiez. He said, "Nobody ever knows, when it's gonna be there family on the front row. I know, my wife died at age 44. I realize that time is precious and every day is a blessing.

With that being said, it means do what you want to do and do not wait. Plan, develop and work on fulfilling your dream. Remember that time is precious and it is the one resource that you can never get back. It always replenishes, but you will never get the same time circumstance back again. A blog post on the sight www. TheBestdayever. com. [Time: Our Precious Resource] said, "Time is a precious resource and we need to reflect on how we use it. Do we manage our time wisely?"

The old saying, "Use your time wisely", is a valuable statement, You never know when your hourglass will empty. Do your desires and dreams. I am with my newness of new campaign. I urge you to take this advice and


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