It is the concept that everyone says someone else should do but many people do not hold their own feet to this fire. I was that way for years, so good at telling everyone else what to do but never following my own advice. I was the guy expecting high returns with minimal effort.

Unfortunately people have been sold this bag of goods. From certain games shows that do not accentuate your talent, but instead pay you for exposing the darkest, silliest and stupid sides of self. Don't get me wrong, it can be entertaining but some people actually see this entertainment as the possibility of a lifestyle, surrounded by never having to work, while receiving above average prestige, finances and luxuries.

They then compare the meager lifestyle that they chose (maybe for safety and security) choosing to make their lifestyle work around their finances, instead of having their finances work for their lifestyle. Many privately envy those they see on TV, in magazines, or on social media. Not realizing that about 2-3% of the world actually live this way. (ex. inheritance, strategic marriage, or just dumb luck). The rest of us either need to find the way to get there or find a way to manipulate themselves into what I said last sentence. JUST WISHING AND HOPING will never get you there.

Have a plan, and not just in ya head. You need a concrete actionable plan that you can follow. Take pieces of other plans that fit your agenda and form it to your liking. This part takes research (AKA work). This is why many people will not do it. Again, we want minimal effort for maximum gain. The world doesn't normally work that way.

Understand that you can have that life but you have to work for it. Even putting in your resume for a job or one of those reality shows is work. You know how many applicants or contestants apply. You are going to have to apply for multiple shows or jobs. You can also invest and believe in yourself. It is a gamble but some people are willing to gamble on anything else but themselves. Then some rare and brave people do the Elon Musk thing and bet it all on themselves, knowing that they are confident enough to believe in themselves. Don't get me wrong, that cat is next level but I wanted to show you the length some people are willing to go. 97% of the world's population are not willing to do what it takes to go to the next level. Existing, surviving, achieving essentials, or minor luxuries are their major concern. They are not willing to bet it all. Wanting the life you see, may take many sacrifices. Steve Harvey for instance lived out of his car for 3 years and now he lives in the lap of luxury. Les brown, something similar and many athletes like Duane "The Rock" Johnson and actors/director/producers like Tyler Perry, faced challenges to achieve their goals. What make you think you don't have to pay your dues.


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