Lately I have been having a lot of drama in my apartment complex, concerning several maintenance issues. I have called the property manager an each time I am hit with a litany of excuses that all seem to culminate into with me appearing to complain. Oddly enough it becomes a complaint when you have asked to have it fixed on four separate occasions and nothing has yet happened. I am to blame for complaining about nothing happening instead of them being concerned, that they have not yet fixed the problem. This is unfortunately a confusion of the world. I say "confusion" because who live for a paycheck instead of doing well on their job or with what they are doing, chose to shift or cast blame on the person/people addressing their bad actions. Instead of correcting their behavior and fixing the problem you have, their choice is to brand you a complainer. Lease was up and 2 months before it, yhey tacked a notice on my door (real professional) telling me not to bother requesting another lease. like I was even thinking about it. I was on the hunt for a new place and I found it. The old place requested my leaving, so I packed up, cleaned the place and left two weeks prior, giving them my key and taking several picture of a clean/undamaged apartment.

about twi weeks go by and I check my PO box. Side note, I forgot to tell you that I had to get a PO box because someone had broken in the apartment mailboxes and stolen my mail. When I told them, it simply was me complaining. As a matter of fact, when I brought it to their attention, the office secretary told me, “we are tired of your complaining, just break your lease.

That was two months prior to my actual move. When I decided to move two weeks prior to my lease ending and being harassed by them via not responding or threats in the form of notification. They send me a bill for $3000.00.

mind you, I paid the month prior, the prorated amount for the month I left, utilities, and pet fee (I had a cat and dog at the time). they sent me a litany of charges that ranged from nit payment to fees for breaking the lease that you told me would not be renewed. But since I left two weeks prior on their recommendation, they threw that in their complaint too.

then they threatened to send me into collections if I didn’t pay. I am in my new place and happy, but it is crazy, the property drive me out, due to their malfeasance and are continuing to Harass me because they would rather continue to mess with me that address the problems in their property. I am not the first to complain, nor will I be the last.

although this seems like a crazy mans rant, it is no where near, it is just a classic example of lack of responsibility and peoples desire to blame others instead of working to address their problems.

We wonder why the world is in such chaos, now we know that some people with power would rather shift the blame for their bad actions instead of taking responsibility. Look at the aftermath in relation to the January 6 riot. No matter what side you are on, it was a disinformation campaign that included one senator ridiculously saying that the assault on the capital ”looked like a normal day”. Again, we wonder why shit doesn't get done or gets half done. it is insane that the perpetrators do no see a problem with their malfeasance and have chosen to create a dissolution campaign, over a solution oriented one.

It goes to show that anyone can compromise their values or integrity but you must take a higher approach. It is easy to blame someone else your failed actions. Unfortunately, nothing gets solved, and instead of fixing an issue, we transfer blame, in hopes to skate responsibility. your values and morals must come into play.

Needless to say, I am locked in Mortal Combat with my old apartment complex and they are threatening to take me to court I don’t give them 3K. Looks like we are going to court

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