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Many love committing the action but fail to understand the consequences. Some act as if they don't care, and at the time, they probably don't. It is only when they realize they are faced with a personal dilemma that will bare THEM severe consequence, do they seem to care. I think this is a human trait We want to push the envelope as far as it will go without it causing irreparable damage to our way of being.

What people attempt not to realize, is that all actions bare consequence. Rarely people are prepared for the consequence that they will face from actions that they have created. It simply becomes results of situation, In their opinion and they do not look at the consequences of their actions as paramount to the issue.

Some think they can predict the consequences of their actions, and several do. They play a race against time card and literally believe for that time, that they can bend fate to their will, while simultaneously escaping the consequences of their action. It doesn't work that way. The laws of the universe (God, Karma, Nature) will not allow it until you give them what they want and that is usually a "pound of flesh" (Shakespeare, W. nd).

Both the Bible and our US laws are peppered with consequences for our actions. These areas are also riddled with variances that almost seem like our actions can be inconsequential, even once we commit them. In some situation there is a work around (like affluenza, this was an actual defense that worked). This is now cemented in society as a psychological disorder. While at the same time any act that is poverty related is a crime. For example, the same act of murder will carry different consequences, depending on who committed the act. It is difficult to believe that justice is blind is blind under these circumstances.

Understand that all actions of a similar nature are equal but the consequences can be far from equal for the same act. This is unfair, but so is life. There is a natural law concept that many do not take into account and that is when Karma takes over. I never believed the concept of fate tied to action until I witnessed it myself. A string of events that lead to an outcome that I couldn't have predicted. I watched while someone I loved who committed terrible acts, had to sufferer under the weight of them. I could do nothing to stop it because the laws of the universe trump the laws of man. An article written on the website, discuss how these decisions can affect us both long and short term. Using a model called The Action-Consequence Consideration Matix, the authors suggest four considerations of outcome are looked at in any decision. One of those decisions is highlighted by the writer in Proverbs, who says this, " If a person is wise, confronting them may change their behavior. But people caught in destructive patterns are usually not wise. They need to suffer consequences before they change their behavior. The Bible tells us it is worthless to confront foolish people: "Do not rebuke a mocker or he will hate you; rebuke a wise man and he will love you." (Prov. 9:8)

Consequences add balance to the world. People need to stop thinking that the "scott free" life is available. Adjust your moral compass to view action to consequence more narrowly. This way you will pay closer attention to your actions by understanding the possibilities of the consequences.

Remember, the goal is to find your BETTER LIFE. Knowing that all action yields consequence (even in-action), (a must read article). What I am saying is a little off topic but encompasses the point.

Understanding the possible the consequences of your actions can be larger than you expect, so always evaluate your actions and understand your possibilities. Knowing what you are getting into verses just jumping in helps create that necessary change. Keep in mind that change is needed to get to something new and sometimes one must be subjected to the consequences to


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