Imagine Dragons talked about this in their song titled the same on the Spiderman Soundtrack. We are always going to be reminded of our challenges. It is how we respond to those reminders is the key. Some people decide to let the demons manage them instead of the other way around. That may start a spiraling effect down a path that you do not want to stay on. Again, the demons will play over and over in your head. I personally have been dealing with them in these ways:

  1. When they have been beating me up at night, I tell myself how I am looking forward to my morning workout (for me it exercises the demons (both figuratively and literally). I use the challenges as fuel to not only complete my workout but to go beyond my normal maximum and find a new one. Even if it is one more pushup, sit-up, burpee, or pullup. Now in my head I can tell the demons "thank you" for the help. Remember, visit but don't live in you past.

  2. When I have the feeling of the demons creeping in during the day, I increase my productivity and then look for small projects to accomplish. It gives me the feeling of using the difficulty to my advantage. (it all comes down to belief, perspective and perception).

  3. I THANK GOD for the further train-wreck avoided. Remember, staying in a bad circumstance increases the percentage of something bad happening again.

  4. Daily affirm myself thru meditation, listening to pre-recorded affirmations of myself or others, and GRATEFULNESS for simply being alive.

  5. Using the negative experiences as fuel to help move you forward and towards something different.

  6. Indulge my newness. For me it was cooking. I would grab a recipe and make sure I got all the ingredients and even made going to the store (normally a task) part of my journey. Grab up some ingredients, check freshness on my veggies and meats, and then start imagining how I am going to make my meal. Replacing one thought for another. Finding something pleasant to think about, over constantly thinking about something I can do nothing about. Hey, I can chop and onion. I can't go back and fix my past. Scientifically, the brain normally cannot hold two thoughts at the same time but if it does, neither thought is being catered to at 100%. It may unsuccessfully attempt to overcompensate through multitasking or use actions of Cognitive Dissonance, in an attempt to rationalize these multiple thoughts.

Although Cognitive Dissonance is normally associated with doing something opposite of your thinking or moral code, there is a component allowing you to split your thoughts. Choosing the positive over the negative, gives you the advantage. Do not accentuate the bad. Focus on the good. it is not as hard as you think. Find your newness of new., referred to the phenomena as a form of Cognitive Dissonance. The article describes the term this way: "Cognitive dissonance is a psychological term describing the uncomfortable tension that may result from having two conflicting thoughts at the same time, or from engaging in behavior that conflicts with one's beliefs, or from experiencing apparently conflicting phenomena." ( Encyclopedia Britannica, also described the term similarly. The writer stated that, "Cognitive dissonance, the mental conflict that occurs when beliefs or assumptions are contradicted by new information."

The bottom line is that we are all going to be confronted by demons at some time in our life. If they are holding you back, realize it actually is you holding you back. You can defeat the demons and


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