Developing new understanding is always challenge. When you have been hit square in the face with grief, it can be very hard to see the light (for some, they feel there will never be light). I can relate to that thinking. I had it for years.

I was listening to Tyler Perry on a Joel Osteen show and he talked about everything he went through (including molestation, abuse, and homelessness). He said it was the times where he questioned but kept moving and eventually the light appeared, but he had to hang on for a long time and sometimes he prayed but he felt God was not listening.

But God brought him to a bigger situation.

This is not a conversation about God (although God is a major part of my life)

this post is about holding on and believing in the face of tremendous turmoil. As grievers, we are familiar with this feeling. It is that feeling of helplessness (and sometimes hopelessness). Hanging on throughout all that is key, even when you don’t see signs or feel that you don’t have enough energy.

Perry was saying that God put him in that position to see how he would respond. Sometimes it feels we may have a similar circumstance.

I found a website called, that amassed a series of quotes about holding on.

Sometimes just Reading small motivations can get you through. We always must realize that we are stronger than we think, and we are not alone in our feelings. Many have dealt with grief (many have experienced loss).

Now that we are also in that club, it is now a question of how do we address this. Sometimes we want to fold up and say screw it, but that thought process guarantees that we will not heal. The alternative is fighting. Yes, it will be an ugly, drawn out battle, that will bring you to your knees. The key is not to stay there.

The reasons for getting back up is different for everyone but one thing is universal.


Yes, a big part of you passed on when the person you loved died, but not all of you and certainly not the part that is your strength.

Right now it is just lying dormant and sleeping but when you are ready, know that it is there for you. When you are ready to pick it back up, that is where the understanding begins.

Please keep moving, even when you do not know where you are going.

Let the voice and light of your loved one help guide you forward.

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