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The short answer is 'NO". The pain never leaves, we just receive the grace to endure it. God told the Apostle Paul in 2 Corinthians (12:9) that his grace was sufficient to deal with a pain Paul was having. The ability to endure the pain is a human characteristic. It is up to us to turn that pain into something controllable, giving you the resources to handle the pain and channel it into something constructive. In fact a 2013 article written by PHD Susan Krause Whitbourne in Psychology Today discussed 7 practical strategies of overcoming emotional pain, in which she provided practical tools to help manage emotional pain.

Like I said, the pain never goes away, it will always flare up at some point. This is where your pain management skills and sheer will must be used to mitigate the feelings. This part will not be easy because memory of the hurt and the pain is emotionally gripping and mentally taxing. Use this pain to fuel your tank. realize that your accomplishments diminish the negative. Work on obtaining your goals vs. looking at your past. The former works more to your advantage. Re-channel the pain into something you feel will be constructive to you and when the pain comes, use it to drive you forward when you are weary, knowing that you must meet your goals to avoid the naysayers from being right that day.

As painful as it is, this is where the growth begins and sometime the process is painful for an extenuating time period. The memory never goes away and


be stored for either useful purposes and act as fuel or destructive purposes and act as accelerants. The choice is yours. You can either move forward to your future using this pain as fuel or stay stuck in your past and use the pain as that accelerant to burn you up.

Knowing that the pain will never go away will serve as endless points of fuel to stay upwardly mobile. For example, a painful comment may deter some, but others may take that same comment and use it as a reminder that others doubted ones possibility of genius. That is the doubt that produces greatness.


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