Updated: Jan 30, 2021

I was working with my editor, who is absolutely awesome. We both suffer from forms of depression (I have to set that up first). We did a ZOOM video with The Brandeis University, Women's Soccer Team, and it went excellent, minus a few small glitches. We are working out those bugs. Other than that, it was very smooth. For the first three days, I was in full panic mode, this is my first ZOOM talk and ultimately, a good 25 people (the team and coaches) were my audience. I actually really like the ZOOM format, it is convenient, user friendly, and allows you to create a professional presentation and look, that you can (A) be proud of, and (B) makes sure your client is impressed by.

Needless to say, the back office action, was where the chaos began. We could not find the recording of the call and looked all over the computer, come to find, his ZOOM account didn't have a particular feature. Thank God, mine did, so we went into the cloud and retrieved it. Thank God again, for the inventors of the cloud. This is not a plug for the cloud but, I will make sure to back all my stuff up there. (I am probably the last one, everyone is usually years ahead of me with technology). I can use technology but it takes time to learn.

I am 49. No where near ancient, but technology can be interesting. I literally did a search that led me to AARP ( I am like, soon, they will be peppering me with literature, requesting me to join. For real, I will. An article by Brittne Nelson Kakulla, titled, Older Adults Keep Pace on Tech Usage. "Although people ages 50 and older use smartphones, wearable technology, and smart home technology at about the same pace as younger adults, device preferences vary among people of different ages."

It is weird because I use the same technology as my two daughters who are 19 and 22. Only difference is, I don't understand what I am doing. Although, right now somewhat challenged, I have managed to learn a lot and embrace technology much more than I used to. Back in the days, I had this Terminator view of the world, mostly because I was to lazy and scared to learn. That is not all people at all, I just know it was me, but I relate to what the writer is saying, because I am living it, right now.

Needless to say, I do what I can to avoid panic, because I go into hyperdrive, looking for solutions anywhere I can and trust me, that can be annoying. My editor on the other hand will just completely shut down. He had resided to giving up and I had resided to finding that sh@t. Not on him at all, because I know what he goes through and he know my situation. It was just funny yo see to polar-opposite depression types try to function, concentrate and complete a task. It was a YouTube moment for real, but we found it.

Proof that we can handle the pressure, and we did. I didn't blow up in panic mode and he didn't completely shut down. We catered to our strengths and encouraged each other the whole way through I then saved. it everywhere and backed it up at least twice. It will be ready from his editing in about a week, he is a genius with that stuff. I realize that I need to rely on someone like my editor, who is younger and technically savvy, but still need to know what I have to do. The previous generation was all about having someone else do it for them, my generation prefers that but the world has gotten colder. Even my kids, who love me dearly get a little testy when dad starts asking tech related questions. No, for real they help me a lot but I want to get to the point where I do not have to bother them.

Some will not even ask for help, possibly for fear of repercussion or simply for fear of being disappointed by people that promise to help but never come through, causing a person to shut down. As a Medicare representative, I have seen it happen. Some people are so afraid of technology, that they will not even do a telehealth call. My mother was such a person until she was diagnosed with breast cancer. With both of her sons in TX and she is in TN, she had to become more familiar with technology, also she knows that she CAN call either us for technical support. That still doesn't sit well with some people.

An article written for Pew Research, talks about adult technology use. In the article titled, Older Americans and Technology Use, the writer talks about two types of senior adults; one group that will embrace technology and one that will not. The article lists a host of reasons. The writer states, "Two different groups of older Americans emerge. The first group (which leans toward younger, more highly educated, or more affluent seniors) has relatively substantial technology assets, and also has a positive view toward the benefits of online platforms. The other (which tends to be older and less affluent, often with significant challenges with health or disability) is largely disconnected from the world of digital tools and services, both physically and psychologically". (Smith, A. April 3, 2014)

I have considered embracing technology as another aspect of my growth, My newness of new. Embracing new technology allows you to find out more about something you didn't know about prior is also exploring your newness. Remember that learning new things is apart of growth.

Learning something both new and beneficial will help you to


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