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There is a song called Everybody's Changing, by an artist names Keane. It is weird but I felt his lyrics were applying to my life. I have changed constantly and for a variety of reasons. I often felt like a Chameleon, changing to points where I didn't know myself. My environment changed often and so did my persona. I felt I had to fit in and managed to "fake it til I made it." I had become a quick study in adaptability. In fact a January 11, 2012 talked about the Chameleon effect says that some people have the ability to fit into a scene and effectively mimic and blend into the group. The article titled, Are You a Skilled Actor or Social Chameleon. The article mentioned two constructs that help people perform with in a social situation. These are social control and self monitoring. Self monitoring is the ability to monitor social cues and norms to identify socially acceptable behavior. Social control are the skills you use to be social.

This attribute serves me well because I am able to relate, fit in, and understand a variety of people. Something that I looked at as an impediment actually became an advantage. I had the blessing of traveling and people are different everywhere you go.

I have been blessed to be able to relate to many. I know people that have not been out of their neighborhood, some not even off their block. The refusal to change can impact you like that. You will not change to the point where you will not even explore your own city. Unfortunately it is reel.

What is even crazier is that these same people do not consider stagnation change. What they refuse to realize is that although they refuse to change, the world around them keeps going. Just because you don't feel the immediate impact of change doesn't mean change isn't occurring.

Pain is a main driver for many peoples change. In fact, the website, discussed pain driving change. The article said this, "Most people are motivated to change when they are in pain. When they reach their breaking point, they resort to change, hoping that the pain will go away. People experience pain in relatively different ways and the point where they reach their breaking point varies from one person to another."

Change can be hard and sometime misunderstood. It may appear to be apprehensive, but is is the best path to


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