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Updated: Jan 11, 2021

I tell my friends, family, clients, and associates about the Newness of New. The concept iS not foreign to anyone, just the process is. It can be a challenge identifying your newness. In fact Lisa Nicols, a PHD motivational speaker said this, "If ya happy doing what ya did, then keep doing it." she was exaggerating, but emphasizing a point simultaneously. She went on to say many people do the "This is the way I am" thing and fail to understand that, that way is not getting them far.

I recently, embraced my Newness of new by making a sweet potato pie for my first desert. Since the wife died in 2016 I had to learn to cook. Never did the baking thing, but I always wanted to attempt it, so it was a good time to do it. Embracing the newness of new.

I recently had to teach my mom and Aunt how to use ZOOM (70 and 79 tears old) but in order to have a Thanksgiving together, we had to do it ZOOM. Me and my brother live in Texas, My kids are in NJ and MA. My niece is in CA and my mom is in TN. Both my aunt and mom have had breast cancer and are severely immune compromised.

My Aunt (79) took to ZOOM like a duck to water. My mom on the other hand (70) became very frustrated. She is not one who wants to embrace the new wholly so she finds technology challenging. Finding new must be at your own pace, but realize that each day you do not attempt is another day wasted. You do not want to be another shoulda, coulda, woulda person. She will get it. It is difficult for some seniors, and my mom has a masters degree. She ain't dumb , but technology is not in her purview and sometimes it can be overwhelming to her. That is when I put on my "coaching" cap and guide her slowly through the instructions and tasks. She wants to learn and the desire wrapped in her frustration will help her get to her newness of new.

She wants a better life and is willing to take the slings and arrows to get it. I am proud of her for that. Another reason why I had to go in and do this pie. She took the brave route, I got to do the same. I bought some ice cream and whip cream to go with it. It came out good.

Explore your newness. It can taste real good, either literally or figuratively. Go out and get your


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