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America has become great at yelling "UNFAIR' while at the same time practicing some of the most crazy and unfair concepts known to man. The disgusting treatment of Black-Americans, Jewish-American, Asian-Americans, the disabled, women and those economically disenfranchised, has become an American pastime. Not all or even most people see the U.S.A in this way, but an overwhelming minority (35% or more), have proven that they can disrupt this fragile experiment of Democracy.

Look at what America is experiencing now. Overt racism, disguised as the norm, coupled with Economic disenfranchisement disguised as laziness, poor healthcare disguised as help (the same thing they did in Tuskegee, Alabama. Telling black men that they were helping them, but in reality were injecting them with Syphilis.

Economically, for instance, black people make 25-30% less money than their white counterparts. Some cases, the black employee had a higher education or experience based knowledge, than their white counterparts, but still did not receive compensation according to their skill level. On top of economic disparages, blacks are charged things like interest at higher rates than whites, and are denied access to credit and economic opportunities at higher rates than whites. A May 18, 2018 article in CNBC asks and answers in their title this conundrum, Black families have 10 times less wealth than whites and the gap is widening—here’s why. Examples like this give us reason why. "Black applicants were disproportionately turned away, as compared to whites, in 48 metropolitan areas."(Streaks, J. May 4, 2018). In addition to economic disparages, minorities (of all ethnic ethnic backgrounds, except Caucasian ones) are disenfranchised when it comes to access of credit also.

This is not a post about ethnicity, economics or disenfranchisement. This post deals with the concepts of fair vs unfair. The examples given, just happen to be at our forefront now. and very unfair.

Again, the word fair is thrown around haphazardly. Understand that the world is not fair, we simply must understand the rules, stretch them like everyone else and extract the lessons learned from the unfair circumstances bestowed upon us. You have a goal to achieve. Knowing that life is not about "participation awards" only and that sometimes things that appear to be fair are not. It actually works as an asset to your benefit.

Don't be disillusioned by the fact that just waking up in the morning qualifies you for success. You will have to learned to navigate some unfair waters to


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