I was listening to YouTube and Duane "The Roc" Johnson was talking about how he was so happy that the one thing he wanted to happen (an NFL career) didn't because it shifted him into a new more lucrative, more promising and less body abusing career. So

metimes we look at the bad breaks but do not know where it may be shifting us.

I look at my own situation as an example. Wife dies, more stuff goes crazy, I am dealing with multiple issues on multiple fronts, and I felt like I was going nuts.

So I sold the house, packed up the essentials, gave away most of my stuff and rolled out to Austin, TX, from West Orange, NJ with the dog. Those circumstances led me not only to a better outlook on life, but also a career change that is allowing me to explore a more creative side of me.

Although I hated the process, it is now leading me down a path I would not have ventured, prior to me ordeals, Relying on faith in those dark times, helped me through the process.

I had a battle plan and although it changed a lot it was good to have a foundation. Create a plan and even if the winds of change blow you off course, know your plan, fate and faith will steer your rudder.


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