There are many people that clamor for success, fame, fortune, and notoriety. When they get it, they appear to be dear in headlights. Not being prepared for what you want can be a dangerous proposal. We see it all the time with athletes, lottery winners, entertainers, and those in pop-culture, that their fear of success, help lead to their downfall.

Being prepared is a weapon against this fear. You are going to be scared. Remember, when it is scary and it's big and it's yours, fear sets in. Having a plan, may not exactly fit as a solution to your dilemma, but it can be a roadmap.

The shock of success can be scarier than the fear of failure. There are several reasons behind this. For example, it's a new experience and some never have an adjustment period, others have never had money and responsibility. It was either one or the other prior to success. Lastly, some have a false sense of success, they actually see small wins as a major success. These small wins are not seen as fuel to keep going but reasons for stopping. An article in Inc Magazine, written by James Sudakow called, Why fear of Success is Holding You Back More Than Fear of Failure talked about many of these fears and why they contribute to the fear of success.

Confidence is the first thing that must be built up to cope with the fear. To boost you confidence level, perhaps look to do something in a " judgement free" or "safe zone" find interests that you like and may in the future excel in. Find that newness of new. Build your confidence slowly trough activity.

The next is knowledge. There is no excuse given the almighty power of the internet, college courses or even seminars can help build your knowledge. Knowledge is power and a useful tool in conquering the fear of success. You can get this knowledge inexpensively via the library, internet, social media sites and perhaps knowledge via someone will do, has done, or is doing what you want to do. You can get it, if you want it.

Lastly, is stamina. You must be prepared for the long-haul ahead. You want your success to be long-term, so you must gather the tools you will need to get their. Example. accountant, financial advisor, business consultants are essential to both the growth and the longer vision of the company. (Be willing to pivot, #13)

These tools in unison, help combat fear and as by products, give you the wisdom to embrace success. It is Ok to be scared. Preparation will help you manage the fear and consequently, enjoy the success you have worked so hard to obtain.


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