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The Hip-Hop group Eric B. and Rakim had a song called "Follow the Leader" were Rakim talked about running the program. I love that song. Being a leader takes more than being able to bark commands and yell out orders.Some people want to lead but are choosing to lead from the rear instead of from the front. There are times to arrange your leadership position (but never your leadership role). A blog I found called Leading From the Front or Back that discussed the most appropriate times to lead from areas other than the front.

That really is not the point. True leadership know when to take the appropriate position.

I am more talking about the groups of follower that can be categorized like this:

  1. Haters of authority-These folks will buck at anything you say, even if it is in their best interest. Watch these people

  2. The blind-Stay close to this type because they can be sponges of your information and will likely stay loyal to you, but watch them also because they have the ability to be influenced by others

  3. Skeptics-They are only loyal as long as you produce results, Obviously, their loyalty ebbs and flows like the tide.

  4. Seer's-These people see your vision and want to help move an agenda forward,

(These are not theoretically proven facts, they are just the way I see people) when I take a leadership role.

A person wanting to take a leadership role, also needs to take inventory of their leadership skills and style. Back in the days, not doing so could result in death by friendly fire or in cases in the Vietnam war, fragging of officers that gave commands that ended up with an unacceptable body count. There are consequences to bad leadership.

Realize that leading is more than just direction, it involves planning, staging, practice, and consistency. People tend to follow those that lead endlessly, in this manner. These methods can be vital in looking to achieve results as a leader as well as a person simply looking to


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