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Have you ever seen an advertisement that broadcast the word "FREE" All over it. It absolutely entices many to go and validate a purchase by saying, "I bought one and got one free." Lately its the free trial (that lapses and converts to a pay plan because you forgot you had it, or the free version of some web-design plan or credit plan. We know they will encourage us to spend.

The term "free" is extremely enticing. In fact, an April 6, 2015 article in Blinkist Magazine talks about how enticing the word is. The tittle, The Psychology of Free: Why this One Magic Word is Your Most Powerful Secret Weapon

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The author, Caitlin Schiller said this, "When you pay your hard-earned cash for something, you’re taking a risk. You might not like what you get, in which case you’d actually lose money. And who likes losing money? When an item is free, it’s perceived as having a higher value because it doesn’t come with that risk." Free is to many people, is perceived to be risk mitigation.

For example, once we are in the store, we are going to look around and that ups the changes of the store making more money on you than the "free" stuff that they are giving away. Plus, they probably had additional items in inventory anyway. I'm just saying that free comes with many hooks.

Look at "free" this way, black people have been declared "free" since 1863 but we have moved from the prison of a plantation to a prison without walls. Needless, lynching's, murders, bombings, gerrymandering, financial disparages, and other things, all while looking to avoid an actual prison cell. How is that considered free? Just because we are out of bondage does not make us free.

AGAIN WHAT IS THAT DEFINITION OF FREE: The Merriman Webster Dictionary has several definitions, in addition the word can be used as an adjective, adverb, or verb. Needless to say, the term is as versatile as the actions the word is supposed to portray.

Understand that anything worthwhile comes at a cost. you can not get to a better place for free. I am not saying free is bad, what I am saying is to evaluate "free" before you dive in. Understand that free usually comes at a cost in that quest, you are willing to pay that cost in order to


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