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No I am not talking about the Marley song, I am referring to waking up at a good time to allow you to complete more of your day. I have been listening to motivators like E.T. Thomas and Mel Robbins as well as stars like Joe Rogan, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Will Smith on this advice. All talk about the benefits of waking up early. Web MD states that optimal sleep is 7-9 hours but the body can function on 6 hours. (they do say it depends on the person. I also say it depends on the person).

When you are looking for greatness, it takes sacrifice. Lack of sleep is one of them. it sucks, but it is true. In fact an article on the website, talked about how many ultra-driven CEO's are sleeping on 6 hours or less. I personally do not advocate for less than 6. I usually rest about 11:00 PM and get up around 5:00 AM, for 6 hours. I feel it affords me some additional time to get things I need to get done, done. It gives me 2-3 additional hours of productivity.

I pull myself out of bed (mad as hell but happy to be awake). I make my bed (Admiral William H. McRaven), pray and thank God for all he has provided, strip naked and take a long, cold shower to wake up. I get out after about 15-20 minutes (sometime it takes that long), get my workout stuff on and go in for about an hour for my workout. by now it's like 7-7:30 and I grab a hearty breakfast and review my workday. Between 9-9:15 AM I am in work mode. Just waking up earlier, has allowed me to increase my productivity. That morning work-out and then big breakfast help fuel my day. A February 27, 2019 article in Time Magazine, talks about the value of morning workouts. The writer states, "Working out in the morning — especially on an empty stomach — is the best way to burn stored fat, making it ideal for weight loss."

Wayne Dyer said, The breeze at dawn has secrets to tell you, don’t go back t sleep” Reciting a quote from the philosopher Rumi.

Sometimes you have to sacrifice sleep and other creature comforts to


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