Updated: Sep 26, 2021

Given today business environment, an increase in work related violence, and COVID-19, now more than ever is the opportunity for companies to gain access to a grief consultant. A January 5, 2017 Article, titled, The “hidden” costs of grief in the workplace, gave a cost analysis from 2003, and it talked about a staggering 75 billion (yes, billion with a B) dollar cost then of ignoring grief in the company. As of the time of the article in 2017, that number jumped to between 75-100 billion dollars annually. The cost as of 2021 is clearly higher and given issues like COVID-19 and the increase in workplace violence, that cost has skyrocketed. Seeing that the American business industry is losing upwards of 100 billion dollars per year. Retaining the services of an expert grief consultant, can literally save your company millions annually.

Contracting the services of an expert, would cost your company a miniscule fraction, and would mitigate the costs your company is presently losing. Some corporate executives see the value in contracting with a grief consultant. Saving their company money, while seeing upticks in productivity. If a consultant can return between 1-20 million dollars to businesses annually, image the rate of return your company could see, as well as the incredible return on your investment for contracting a grief consultant. Just think that if your grief consultant returns just 10% of your losses due to grief, your company would gain profit, increase productivity, and grow, by simply having an expert to help your organization handle grief.

Some organizations allow employee grief to be addressed by mid-level management. Many managers know how to get increased performance from their staff but may not be formally trained on managing employee grief. An April 13, 2020, article on, talked about how managers can deal with grief at the workplace. The article talked about making sure managers present directives to their subordinates with clarity. This is an essential aspect of strong leadership because some employees managing grief do need more special attention, but I would also advocate having a professional grief consultant available to help answer questions, assess situations and provide guidance to management in the event of issues related to employee or upper management grief.

Grief consultants benefit businesses by potentially saving billions, As the above indicated, companies are hemorrhaging to the tune of 100 billion dollars, annually. Another benefit is that a certified grieve consultant may be able to talk with employees and address the grief they are facing.

Companies must take a proactive approach to addressing grief. As the recent building collapse in Florida showed, the need for counselors, consultants, and therapists is dire. Over 2 dozen were recently deployed, to assist with grief support and assistance. As mentioned earlier, grief consultants assist with managing grief. To a company, that skill can be worth millions.

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