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Updated: Sep 30, 2022


Day 8

Hidden Figures

I have vowed to attend every event that I can in an attempt to meet as many people as I can. The goal is to build my business, and meeting people is step one. Tonight, I went to the Greater Austin Black Chamber of commerce Gala. The theme was "Hidden Figures," They acknowledged many African Americans, ladies, and gentlemen doing big things in Austin. As a city, Austin's black population only accounts for about 8% of the population.

The GABC's goal is to increase the black influence in Austin beyond just culture. The speakers discussed economic and inclusion variables. I understand because it can be a challenge convincing those that do not look like you that you and your company hold value to the city. Convincing those powers can unlock the doors needed to go through.

The GABC has been kicking down doors and providing influence for 40 years. Seeing so many black men and women like me was beautiful. They were business-minded and honest about making change. These ladies and gentlemen were not just talking; they were walking proudly. It was so great to see. The chamber has welcomed my company, From Your Grief to Your Gift, and me with open arms. I met several business leaders and entrepreneurs; we exchanged information, and I established lines of communication. Step two is to work on them hiring me for speaking engagements.

One thing at a time. When it comes to getting speaking engagements, you must be patient. Unless you have the ear of the ultimate decision maker, you need people from the organization you are looking to work with to cheerlead for you. It means getting out there and holding events. I have to talk to people and research as much as possible. I must understand how best to serve their needs.

I made so many contacts and met so many people. One man, Mr. Davis, invited me to his church, and I will be going. "Hidden Figures" was an appropriate title for the event. I met so many of them. To name a few, people were bankers, art collectors, TV personalities, college factually, and doctors. The entire rooms filled with so much talent, drive, and desire, that you could feel it permeating throughout. I will keep this event on my calendar and look for many more.

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