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I AM GETTING THE "F" OUTTA THE MATRIX (You know What you Don't know (2))

Updated: Sep 30, 2022

Day 2


You Know What You Don't Know

I spent hours converting MP4 files to MP3, I had no idea Microsoft had a converter application. That is how computer "stupid" I am. After searching online, I found it and wanted to kick myself in the ass because once I put in the files, it converted them in like 30 seconds. I was a combination of pissed-off and overjoyed (man that feeling is weird). It is like making love to an old girlfriend you disliked, but the sex was gooooooood.

That is how I felt when I converted the files. I hated to love how easy it was, when I initially spent 2 hours attempting to do this the hard way, (one of those YouTube Videos) the tutorial was above my paygrade. I wish he had just said go to Microsoft and download the MP3 converter. It's free. That would have immediately got me, but hey, everybody's gotta hook and he caught me.

I am watching the video and I am totally lost. It's the price you have to pay to learn how to do it right, practically, timely, and cheap if possible.

Building this business is exciting every day, but it is also frustrating, I must understand that it is the price you pay to learn. There will be a point of frustration, as you do, but this is all a part of the process. I had to fight with the fact that I know what I don't know.

Continuus practice and effort, will make me better at these things. Experts do not become that way overnight. I am not at the stage where I am making sustainable money yet, but today I learned something new. which will be valuable in my future business endeavors. Sometimes you gotta take the small wins.

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