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Updated: Sep 30, 2022

Day 4


I Don't Wanna Do It

I had to drag my but out of bed again this morning. This building a business gets tiring. Especially in the beginning, because you are making a lot of movement but very little progress. I must keep telling myself that this is a part of the process. There will be a period where you feel like a chicken with your head cut off.

I got two choices here. Either continue to spin with aims at finding ways or stay put and let stagnation prevail. I am good with the Chicken, no head thing. At some point, it all starts to make clearer sense. I said, "You don't know what you don't know." Today, I spent most of the day editing my podcast, The Secret Life of Gen X and realized there are lots of edits I have to make. I listened to the intro again and felt it was not that good.

Part of me was tired as hell, but another part said, "good is where it is now, better is where it needs to be," so I jumped in a cold shower and started redoing my intro. I must constantly keep telling myself that good is not good enough. I have seen the limits on the good. It is time to explore greatness. What are you willing to do? This evening I was redoing my intro.

My reality is that if I do not do it, then it does not get done. I also want this podcast to go well. It is my first genuine attempt to connect with an audience, and I want to use it to help promote my speaking. Nothing worthwhile comes easy, and I gotta keep that in mind. Also, I must remember, "To have what others will not have, you must do what others are not willing to do."(Denzel Washington) I realize this, for real, that no one I knew in my past is grinding like this. I am not saying anything wrong at all, but if I am going through this now, in hopes of my dream. Most of my past people have resided in the nightmare to come. Oh Well.

This is one thing that keeps me going, knowing that each move is getting me closer to my better. I must remember this. So when I do not want to move, don't want to do something I need to, or do not complete a task, I tell myself I have an option to be like them and let fate create my world or keep on pushing for my dream of having a successful business.

I prefer the keep it pushing approach.

Because of my preference, I must do it, even when I do not feel like it. It's the part that sucks so much, but it is also the part that is the most exciting. I know that many others that have successful brands and businesses started this way. Rome was not built in a day, and I do not want to build it most of those days, but I keep hauling bricks. There is a benefit to it. Dr. Pat Aitcheson wrote an article in Medium on February 22, 2019, titled, The Hidden Benefits of Doing Work You Do Not Want to Do. He talked about different ways of thinking about tasks we do not want to do. He talked about one thing that not doing it will do. It will make you weak. According to Dr. Aitcheson, "Without perseverance and the discipline to do what has to be done repeatedly, you’ll never develop the grit you need to succeed." Get it done, you will feel and see the benefits of completion.

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