I AM GETTING THE “F” OUTTA THE MATRIX (Things are Gonna Happen(9))

Updated: Sep 30

Day 9


Things are going to happen

I had an incredible experience at church today. The sermon felt like it was written for me specifically. His message was about "cliques" and how they can act lovingly but have ulterior motives for their kindness.

I have felt that when you decide to fight for what you deserve, some may look at your attempts as trying to get away from them, and they would be right.

Some people in your life may not be "long haulers" or willing to walk with you as you travel on your mission.

It may be your time to leave. If so, be prepared to have those who used to adore you on some level now go against you.

It is human nature and only personal because it happened to you. Honestly, the situation, people, or things they are using to hold you down would have been tools they would have used on anyone in your position.

Things will happen, but you can be solution-oriented or problem-plagued. The choice is yours.

The minister talked about the things we must use to focus. Focusing on solutions as opposed to problems will help solve the problem. The other way only accentuates it. For example, I had a fabulous day at church, was invited to lunch, and met a fascinating young lady who has made it her mission to empower women economically. That part of my day was excellent, then I came home and realized I had lost my house key.

I immediately called maintenance, who said they were not sure of what time a person could get to me. It is presently 103 degrees. I have long sleeves and long pants (because I was at church) and am dripping in sweat. Usually, that would have thrown me off, but The minister's sermon rang in my head.

Instead of getting upset, I went to my iPhone, retrieved my WIX app, and started my blog post. It was easy to stay focused on my problem of being locked out, but once I put a solution in motion, my only choice was to wait. Instead of waiting in vain, I decided to work on this blog post.

I completed this, and an hour later, the maintenance people came and opened the door. By the time they arrived, I had finished. There is so much power in shifting your mind from problem-plagued to solution-oriented.

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