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Day 12


The help is out there

Meta (formerly Facebook) had a seminar in the Austin, TX area, focused on small business and how the can use different aspects of it to scale their businesses. It was awesome and packed. There are so many people who are pushing to get out of the fucking Matrix, just like me. It was great to see that I am not alone on this quest. Some people are really tired of being jerked around by the tricks that life is pulling on them. Although we must contend with life, we do not have to be dictated by its constant ebbs and flows. We can get out. It is tough but there is help out there and Meta showed that in their small business seminar.

I post on social media a lot, but I have not gotten much traction. I learned about many of the business tools that Meta has (they own FB, Instagram and Whats App). I will be putting those in effect. My goal is to create a hell of a motivational speaking business and put my message into the world. I need people to understand that no matter what they have endured or what they are facing, that they have the ability to overcome it, use the negative energy as fuel to power them forward, and become a better version of themselves.

I had to learn the difference between posting for fun and posting for my business. Tools like FB and Instagram Reels, stories, and analysis tools to check my progress and to see how best to attract people to my website, and get booked for speaking engagements. So many people use these low budget tools to do anything but grow. So many would rather swipe, like, and dislike other posts, and post stuff like the new shoes they bought or the breakfast sandwich they bought. All in an attempt to show the world that they are not as bad off as they actually are. I am not saying this is all social media users, but I am saying that this is a large portion of them. Meta is getting paid mostly because of people are choosing to "fake the funk". It seems to be a way to make them feel better about themselves. My things is that if an algorithm makes you feel that way, then you must re-evaluate your existence.

Honestly, whatever you wanna do. its up to you. It is your world, but like Kanye West said, "When it all falls down", you cannot blame anyone accept yourself. You had the choice to use social media to grow, but you chose to use it to legitimize your BS for years. Now you are in a situation of stagnation and do not know how to use the tools that you have practiced with for years, as a business development tool. You chose to show your party life, fake friends that you paid for through "likes"and perceptions to created, to mask what is really going on with you.

I am not tripping on anyone, because I am describing myself too. Prior to undersatanding the true power of social media, I only played around. I now realize that it is a tool, that is double edged like a sword. It will allow you to present a fake outlook to the world if that is your choice, but it can also be an incredible tool to help you grow, either businesswise or to become a voice and advocate for positive change.

I have chosen to do the latter. It has taken me years to find my voice and social media is helping me to amplify it. The conference was great and now I have new tools to help me along my journey.

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