Updated: Sep 30

Day 3


Rinse & Repeat

I got up at 5 AM this morning, staying committed to my morning meditation ritual and workout. It is brutal but feels so great when it is done. It is needed because, for me, right now it is another day of clutching at straws and putting maximum effort into everything, but still receiving minimal to no money, traction, or recognition. My mind races with thoughts of skid row poverty and homelessness, but I know that is just my brain attempting to force me back into a state it can control fully.

Although I am not getting paid yet, I feel I am close. Every day, I practice my speaking and speech writing. I am looking to develop a verbal and mental gymnastic ability and an almost effortless and flawless execution. I heard this from Will Smith (before he slapped Chris Rock), he said, "Stay ready so you don't have to get ready" That is what pushing for your big break will do, it will keep you "staying ready".

This Building a business is seriously like that Churchill quote. It is "A riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma. That describes every day of building a business. Although you never know what is going to happen, you must stay dedicated to the process and consistently make it happen. Even on those days, you do not want to. Those are the days you must do it most. For instance, this morning I literally took the Mel Robins (5 Second Rule) backward from the five countdown approach to force myself to get up and start my process.

Once I was up, A cold shower and my A/C turned up, shook the rest of my sleep away. I turned down the air, meditated for 15 minutes, stretched for 20, and started my 1-hour workout routine. My workout consists of 100 push-ups and situps, one, four-minute six inches exercise, and one four-minute experience, as the plank, 50 Burpees, and 70 dips. I manage to keep the body decent looking at 50. More so, I do it for my mental. I have learned that exercise releases endorphins that help promote positive mental health too.

A Mayo Clinic article talked about the power of exercise and how it increases endorphins. The increase helps to reduce stress and it improves your mood, according to the article. These two things I need, because another day of moving with progress, but no payoff in sight, is a challenge. Knowing it will come in, believing it will happen, while facing a reality that does not look that way, can be hard on a person. Staying ready for the constant pivots that come with starting a new business and keeping enthusiasm during all parts of the process, can wear at you.

I always have to realize that this is the price that must be paid and thank God he has given me the currency to pay it. Cause I truly want to get outta the "F" Matrix.

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