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It Just Happens

It is not fair, it is not right. It is just natural and it is going to happen to us all. When we lose someone close to us, we alway take the why this person (you fill in the blank with who).

Whatever your religious belief, or beliefs period, we know that all humans have a certain timeline, that is never revealed, it “just happens”.

That “just happens” is what throws everyone off because no matter if the passing away was predicted or if it was a surprise, we are still shocked when it happens. The shock is what makes us forget that it will happen for all of us someday.

We all know that life is finite, but accepting that it will happen to us all and we may have to witness our loved ones go through the experience is hard to accept. I was reading online on the website Medium.

The article talked about our inability to let go of something or someone that we view as our personal possession. I feel that. When my wife died in 2016, It made me feel like (God, is what I call him) took my wife away from me. She was an individual, but she was my individual.

Then I had to realize that in my religious beliefs, our loved ones are simply “on loan” to us and that God has the right to call that person home, at any time he wants.

No it is not fair, sometimes it is not right but it will eventually happen to us all. I thought I was being selfish not wanting her to leave, and I was because I missed her and still do so much, but since I live in a world of reality, I can’t expect reality to occur for everyone accept for me.

This is the part we all must wrap our heads around. It is the part that truly sucks too.




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