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Do you ever have that thought of starting your own company, or that school, or anything your heart desired but your mind clearly and legitimately forced you to look at your lack of something, as your reason not starting. It is funny that people know how to put down the voice of doubt when it overrides their way of thinking but allows it to take a broadcast approach to halting their progress. Ultimately, that is the voice you listen too. Obviously because its loud and agreeing with all your desires (we like what agrees with us), so you naturally gravitate to it.

The crap that happens to us is real and in the natural, it sucks. Choosing to stay in that rut places you highly in the realm of possibly of not achieving your dreams. Consequently, you will feel legitimate in blaming others for your dreams being killed. The Buddhist believe death is but a transference of energy. " All life is in a cycle of death and rebirth called samsara. This cycle is something to escape from. When someone dies their energy passes into another form.

Buddhist believe in karma or 'intentional action'. " (BBC, nd)

In other words, dreams don't die unless you decide to kill them. Even then, that energy passes on. Unfortunately, it no longer passes to you to give you strength. You have chosen to relegate your life to mediocrity, fitting in, competing for the wrong thing and inevitability losing yourself and site of your goals and dreams.

Once that happens you then "legitimize" the failure of lack of achievement on your part. I know it sucks but honestly. we have to look at ourselves. Change can be external, but lasting change is internal.

Choosing to make reason the excuse for failure, is what many people do. For that you get the opportunity to be right. The legitimacy will lead to your premise being correct, "What happened to you was terrible and the world should know it." Reality is, the world doesn't care, because it has its own problems to deal with. So you can play that game if you want to. Looking for sympathy, when no one is willing to give, will further make you right. Again, in the natural it sucks.....

You could on the other hand, look for your better life. Understand that the urge to be right or legitimizing your challenging circumstance only gives the circumstance power that you relinquished. Concentrating on moving forward, allows the door behind you to close. Stop reaching for a new door while attempting to keep the old one open. YOU CANNOT HAVE IT BOTH WAYS. You must make a decision.








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