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Pain reminds us of our humanity

When we are young, we have the belief that we are indestructible, when the aches and pains of life begin to hit around 40, we come closer to our humanity, but still feel we are at the age of being able to play two ends against the middle. We still go out and hang until late, knowing that we have responsibilities, in the morning. We don't want to address the concerns before the actions, instead we would rather be upset at the consequences.

Questioning our vitality and wondering if we "lost a step".

No, you can't play like the 25-year Olds anymore on the ball court, your dunk has now given way to a fade away jumper. It is all because of the pain associated with those activities.

Just because the pain is felt, makes it no reason to quit what you like to do. You may just have to adjust your approach to the activity. The great thing is the pain makes you feel alive.

The pain taps into your humanity and even incentives you at times. We remember the bee sting that reminds us about what can attract them, we recall the young lady/man that broke your heart, but incentivized you to find love a new, the pain associated with the desire to reach your physical or mental goals. The list goes on.

All these pains are reminders of our growth. Each stage presents a different challenge and the pains connected to those challenges, bring us closer to our humanity. Pain is a feeling, and that feeling can manifest either physically, mentally, or emotionally. Pain is an unfortunate but needed byproduct for growth.

Growth is a painful experience, but absolutely rewarding, upon results. You will see marked difference but every inch of growth, will have some pain associated with it. Nobody grows in comfort. The process alone is uncomfortable. That uncomfortable feeling, is designed to strengthen you and build you up. A 2020 article in Psychology Today, talked about how pain can be a driver of growth.

Looking at the pain one endures to achieve a goal, can be incredible. It can break you down and keep you down, if you let it. The article suggest that you can use your pain to move you forward, if you let it. the truth is that the pain is all around us, lets harness it and use it as fuel.




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