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We are quick to say, "FEAR ISN'T REAL" but some of those that state it, fail to help people through this statement. The person's who say this are very right. FEAR is not real. but the emotion of fear is very real. Dealing with the emotion is the challenge. A January 4, 2016. An article in Forbes Magazine, states, "Fear exists to keep us safe. It is not inherently bad or good but a tool we can use to make better decision s. Fear isn’t designed to keep us inactive, but to help us act in ways that generate the results we need and want." (Steimle, J. Januar,y 4, 2016) Fear can immobilize you or move you forward. To combat fear you need to be prepared to realize that it is am emotion that will arise. The article discusses 14 different ways to combat fear that range from understanding fear to seeking help.

Fear is a complex emotion. A PhD doctor, penned an article in Psychology Today, called The Complexity of Fear, [Lamia, M.C. December 5, 2011] In it, she talked about how fear is a response to a perceived threat. This is an area that we can prepare for. Understand the potential threat and you can manage the fear of that potential threat. One way is by simply realizing the level of possible harm. I use a 0-5 gage, with 5 having threat and fear coexist. Do not put every fear at a maximum threat level.

Also think back and remember if you have experienced this scary moment before. If you have, you also can remember how you defeated it. These are just a few tools that can help combat the emotion of fear. My favorite motivational speaker Les Brown said, "Be scare but do it anyway". Ton never attempt it, guarantees failure. Never let the emotion of fear stagnate you.

Looking to be a better version of you can be scary, but fear is an emotion that can be controlled and anything that we can control, we can use to our advantage. The ultimate goal is to



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