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Updated: Dec 31, 2020

You know that old adage that stewards/stewardess say. "Put on you mask before you help someone else." This is a very real philosophy. We are so prone to help someone else but rarely do we help ourselves first. Sometimes we think that we know better for others than we do for ourselves.

Have you ever noticed that it is the friend facing financial, marital, or emotional problems that wants to lend advice. We subsequently, want to hear them, because they validate our negative thoughts "two peas in a pod" concept. Plus in our minds, we feel that we are doing better than them so we are ok (such a bad way to think).

Ultimately, we need to be more introspective first before we are so quick to help others. Do not get me wrong. Helping others is great and it should be done, but you cannot effectively help others if you are not right yourself. So if helping others is your thing, help yourself to more effectively help others.

Reflection leads into responsibility, which is a controllable that can lead to positive change. Once that is achieved, helping others becomes second nature. I was looking at an article Titled, Why putting yourself first improves your happiness and productivity, written by Liz Bentley. Her article in CNBC from August 23, 2018, actually stated, "Like oxygen on an airplane, you can’t help others until you help yourself. Set boundaries if you are overextended and find the courage to express your needs." Using the same analogy, Bentley clearly sees the need to protect yourself first so you can better protect others.

We want to help where we can, but it should never be at the behest of not making sure you are protected also. Sometimes, we tend to attempt to put the mask on others before properly securing our own. You must help yourself first in order to help others


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