Updated: Jan 16, 2021

One of my biggest demons in dealing with my depression are the realizations that I am forced to face. They are never pretty because they remind me of what has happen to me, how people I loved mistreated me, grief, deaths, financial problems and life issues all come rushing at me when I have to face my realizations.

The most haunting realizations are the ones that I am responsible for. Looking at myself is ugly but it is a must. In the quest to FIND YOU BETTER LIFE, there are times you will have to confront previous mistakes, issues, or circumstances that have affected you. In order to move forward, facing the reality and understanding that it is the past and that it can not be changed, is extremely challenging for me, frankly it still comes-up once in a while (I guess it never leaves you), but that is not necessarily a bad thing. The past can act as a learning lesson to the observant, allowing that realization that was negative, to now work to your advantage.

Know that you may have to confront your past but you no longer have to live there. A June 16, 2016 article in Exploring Your, titled, Learn From Your Past and Head Toward Your Future, talks about how everything we go through leaves a mark. The author states, "Everything leaves a mark on us, absolutely everything. Every experience changes our life and we should embrace it as something that makes us advance, grow and improve as a person." Growth comes from pain. Use this situation as fuel to move you forward and not as an anchor or rope to pull you back.

A huge part of realization is splitting the difference between responsibility or some part of a situation, and separating it from the total blame of feeling at fault for the situation. Realization allows you to confront your part in it. The good thing about that is that once you take responsibility, you have the components to take control of your future actions. When something similar comes back up, you now know how to handle it.

The realization that you can't go back in the past and you can't fix things that have already happened are difficult to deal with and can bring on a multitude of illnesses that range from physical to mental, if you let it. Understand, I mean realize and remember that you are going through this because you deserve more.

Realize that all that you are going through is making and molding you. The realization is that you are looking to


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