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There is a popular TV show on CNN, starring Brian Stelter, with the same title. I was watching the show, as the name sparked the idea for this blog. Most of the information that people receive has some type of skew to it. Many simply believe whatever their tribe solicits and some never question it. When they are confronted with a different philosophy, it creates a confusion that can lead to interesting choices and decisions.

People need to dive deeper into anything they chose to pass on, before they pass it on. Also, people must learn to challenge conventional wisdom. For example, for years, we trusted that the government had our best interest at heart. Now we see the truth.

Misinformation and disinformation have become Americas news sources. The lack of research only accelerates this information. It is the same thing when we are receiving information about us or have become a victim of circumstance. Do not take the opinions of others at face value.

Go under the hood and check yourself. You are your most reliable source. Other people's opinion of you, can sometime be negative, so do not rely on others to validate you. It is good when they do but do not rely on it. An article written in Weber State University, Counselling and Psychological Service Center, discussed how blocking out the opinion of others will strengthen you. The article states, "Evaluate yourself independently. Don’t rely on the opinion of others or compete with others for your own self-worth."

Listen to yourself and not others. I can't hammer this point hard enough, rely on yourself, you are your most reliable source.


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