Updated: Jan 16, 2021

Recently, I wrote a post related to both the benefits and liabilities of tradition. Some people confuse the concept of memories with traditions. It is true that tradition contains aspects of memories. They are similar, but not the same, nor are they interchangeable. Some of those memories were excellent and others were deplorable. Unfortunately, some people confuse the two concepts and use "tradition" as an excuse to hold on to challenging time or "known Hells" in their lives. A case in point that directly relates to what I am saying, comes in the form of a tale retold by Rufus R. Clifford III, in his article, What's Wrong With Tradition, from Truth Magazine. Clifford retells,

"The story is told of young lady who married and in her zeal to please her new husband wanted to prepare a wonderful feast for him to eat. While preparing the ham her husband noticed she cut off the end and threw it in the garbage can. Disturbed by his new wife’s apparent wastefulness he insisted on knowing why she had done such a thing. His wife didn’t know, so she called her mother who in turn called her mother, who then gave the answer. It turns out the great, great grandmother of this girl had a pan that was too short, so every time she prepared a ham she had to cut off the end! This tradition had prevailed for many years. We all can see the foolishness of this." (Clifford, R.R, Jan 14, 2001). This is a harmless example of how memory can influence tradition. On the flipside of that equation, an article in listed five reasons why tradition is valuable, and memories were reason number one on that list (Kraus, A. October 13, 2015).

Normally, I wouldn't use so much of the authors work, but in this case, He hammered my point through this tale, and it showed readers that memory based tradition can be interesting. Dr. Richard Meckien, talked about a type of memory called Cultural Memory and its impacts on tradition, and then traditions impacts on us. Do not make tradition your excuse to not move forward. Create new memories that can lead to new traditions that work to forward you. The goal is finding your better life. Exploring your newness of new, by creating joyous new experiences that are soon to become new and joyous memories, will help lead you to


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