We ask for help from systems, people, and organizations that we do not respect. I know that sounds crazy but let me give you just a few examples. Nobody is friendly with the government these days, but many want that 2K stimulus check, everybody got issues with the police until their car gets broken into, school seemed like a waste of time until traditional schooling has been environmentally challenged and now we don't even have a model to go by. These are just a few examples of people relying on broken systems, that should have been fixed eons ago. In the 25th hour of things. many are scrambling to attempt to fix these broken systems.

Logic tells you that you should prepare for a possible tragedy before it occurs. Observe The Boys Scout motto, "be prepared" It is kind of like an insurance in the event of something happening. But we choose to not to fix the broken system for fear that we will loose all the other "perk" we think we have, like a 5 day work week, bonuses, BS accolades, pre/post tax solution that we don't know about, and even a cheesy smile when the government gives us a small portion of our taxes back in the form of a return. Man, it is a beautifully broken system. We rely on its brokenness to keep America going.

Think about it. Some people say there is no systemic racism, but many of the disenfranchised are minority. We are all made to look like criminals (it has happened to me on many occasion), Unfortunately, like Ice Cube said My Skin is My Sin. To be honest I love being black and just because you are scared of my skin color, gives people no right to give each one of us the "their all that way" treatment. A broken system that we rely on. Consequently, a black man or woman is unfairly locked up (cops get credit for an arrest false or true), we are forced to work in slave labor and for little to no money (The excuse is that we are being clothed, housed, and fed), denied loans even if we surpass standards (according to white America, black people bring property value down). An interesting article in talks about implicit bias (another name for systemic racism) and how it shapes, community, thought and even is designed to suppress minorities (us black folks). The author, Oscar P. Abello wrote a piece on November 29, 2018 called, Why Black Neighborhoods Are Valued Less Than Other Neighborhoods. The entire article is a montage to what I am talking about. Listen to this, “Much of the research on implicit bias focuses on individuals’ perception of individual members of an oppressed class. However, we should expect some of these biases to carry over into places where there are high concentrations of black people,” write authors Andre Perry, Jonathan Rothwell, and David Harshbarger. “The value of assets — buildings, schools, leadership, and land itself — are inextricably linked to the perceptions of black people.” Again, broken systems work to some peoples advantage and to others disadvantage. An article written in Forbes, by Maggie Germano, titled, The Real Reason Minority Owned Business Aren't Getting Funded, listed a host of reason based on perceptions of investors that have never looked under the hood of a minority or female owned business. Germano flatly stated, "investments in WMBEs are 80 percent lower than the median investment in businesses overall."

I guess Oprah, Damon John, Amy Errett, or Allen Joyce, as well as many other minority business owners or CEO's, don't count. Given such an excellent line-up of talent, you would think, investors would at least kick the tires. That same article discussed how investors view WMBE's and the overall score is not good. Only an average of 18% of investors even looked at WMBE's as investment options, according to a poll cited by Forbes. Just another example of a broken system. We can go on for days, but now our solutions are many-fold also. First we need to speak truth to power, next we need to locate financial elements, that better understand our needs and are willing to work with us, and finally educate ourselves so we can stop being the peril of our own demise. Given these disparities, there is never a time better than now to break our chains, renew our thoughts and gear them to fixing this broken system. We see it happening now. Let's continue to push it.

We must understand this broken system and do what we must to help fix it. Helping our fellow man, helps us. That leads to the goal of wanting to


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