Updated: Jan 1, 2021

"Vengeance is mine sayeth the Lord." (Romans 12:19) But the desire for revenge is a basic human emotion that we all struggle with. Some are better than others with this concept. When we are wronged, people want to exact their pound of flesh. We want the perpetrator to feel as bad as we do. What we do not realize is the severe amount of consequences we will face from such primal actions. The prisons are filled with people who exacted revenge as their means of getting even and consequently they are trading time for their actions. Getting back at someone for a wrong that they committed, brings you down to a level where you may be willing to compromise your morals. Keep in mind for the small time you enact your revenge, you face the possibility of consequence, whether it is immediate or a distant karma issue.

Retribution on the other hand, are the consequences of action. Again, Karma is a term used. It is the fate that happens to your opposition. Some higher power has chosen to agree with your thought process. Their negative living and their offense to you, may have contributed to their downfall. You get the opportunity to focus on other things and not have to worry about what has been done to you. Fate works in mysterious ways. I have seen it.

Ultimately, staying upset and or plotting revenge on someone that has wronged you is stupid. I have said this before, the prison is full of people that have made bad short term decisions and chose revenge over retribution. To find your better life, you must understand. Revenge, designates that you have to harm, denigrate or do the extreme to another. Also it seems that you feel that these people were above you, and the only way to get above them is to totally destroy them. That is just not a good thought.

At some point, the revenge you enact may become part of your Karma. Simply because you chose not to let it go and let God, the universe, or the laws of retribution

do their thing. Focus on being a positive person. no matter what is happening. Let retribution do it's thing, so you are moving to


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