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Updated: Dec 4, 2020

Many people confuse these two concepts. Companies play on this confusion to get you to buy more things, friends or family may use it to manipulate you, and even at work, the concept of satisfaction may be semantically replaced with the word "HAPPINESS" to acquaint the two as one.

In reality, this concept is very true. Often people relate temporary satisfaction to happiness and become disappointed when their vision of the circumstance does not prevail. That often leads to disappointment and sometimes spirals out of control in others, causing more severe effects, such as mental disorders or physical problems.

We must disconnect the concepts of satisfaction from happiness. This does not mean to totally separate one from the other because they are interrelated on the human scale. It does mean that you should understand that satisfaction denotes the end of progress, while happiness is a never ending quest that can unveil a gaggle of possibilities. For example, satisfaction is a new car that can address your travel needs, which are practical and beneficial. Happiness may be the car of your dreams that encompasses your satisfaction but also provides fulfillment of your desire. An article written on the website DB Difference, talked about the differences in the two words. The article describes HAPPINESS as "as state of mind or and an emotion. The article later states that SATISFACTION is, "the state wherein your desires are met. (DB, nd).


That is one reason why people have bad habits, stay in bad relations, subject themselves to bad environments, and the list goes on. Some people have successfully traded satisfaction for happiness, realizing that trade will cost them in the future, but they take the deal anyway, convincing themselves that they can rectify their wrongs over time. Unfortunately, life does not work that way. You must pay the piper when he is ready and often that's when your are at your lowest. This is when satisfaction becomes dissatisfaction. Those that seek happiness on the other hand, can pay the piper and have money to spare. The change in the normal creates a seismic shift in your thinking. Those seeking satisfaction never recover. Those seeking happiness recover to find


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