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Have you ever seen a dog when he first breaks free from his/her leash. There is a little confusion in their demeanor and they do not know quite which way to go. They gather themselves and they take off running in whatever direction they desire. Many do not stop running until they are absolutely tired. They are familiar with the territory but not the conditions, they are usually in the territory on a leash and is therefore guided by it's owner.

Some people have this feeling when they first get free from a troublesome situation. Often, people are very unsure of their next move. This is a natural occurrence. Freedom can be scary. The person may have been a victim of Stockholm Syndrome and (that is what I think I had. I fell in love with my captor) and the release is so weird. It is similar to a prisoner who has been incarcerated for many years and upon their release, may end up back in the same penitentiary, because they have learned to become comfortable in their discomfort. The Patty Hurst scenario is a perfect example. She literally became a bank robber for her captors.

Truthfully, breaking out of a challenging circumstance will bring you to new challenges. With those new challenges, you will be able to make the decision, once you obtain your bearings. It takes a minute. Understand the process and realize that fighting for your better life, will entail leaving your old familiars.

The goal is to get to the newness of your new. Breaking your leash, taking a moment to gather yourself and get your bearing is needed. That beginning creates a state of confusion. Several experts, collaborated on this topic. A 2019 article in The Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, talks about how "Openness and intellect is centrally characterized by more positive relations between interest and confusion" (K. Fayn, et al. 2019).

In essence, the authors are saying that confusion is a natural state of being, concerning new experiences. Don't be afraid of this newness of new. Navigate through the confusion until it becomes familiar and no longer confusing. Remember that your journey is providing you the tools to assist you in navigating this newness of new. Every step provides a lesson. Look at these steps for learning instead of seeing them as frustrations.

To get to your better life, you must confront the confusion, realize that your strength comes from God and he has equipped you with the tools to move forward. Many of your past experiences, hold lessons that you can use to assist you with a new one.

Confusion can be good, stay open to your new possibilities. Cyndi Lauper said it, "Confusion is nothing new"








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