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So Many “Hiring” Signs

Updated: May 22, 2022

There are so many options for employees today that sometimes it makes your head spin. Many companies are opening their hiring practices and some are even lowering their standards to get people in. This is crazy because with the amount of talent out of work, you would think that the standards would be higher. It is weird.

The state of Oregon is an example. They are not requiring college degrees for substitute teaching in their school system ( ) This means that people may not be qualified to do the work but they are being hired to do it. This alone is a form of grief for the employees but what many do not understand is that like employees, companies also suffer in the long run, and that may fester into a form of grief for the company.

In fact the company may experience the Stages of Grief A theory made popular by Dr. Elizabeth Cubler-Ross(concerning people), who accurately labeled the stages of death to a person who is actually experiencing death and not for the survivors. ( ) Over time unfortunately, expert opinion and acceptance have morphed this original definition to now include people witnessing the death of loved ones (or grievers). It was not meant to be utilized this way but became the popular philosophy for some experts . All this to say that the stages have also been applied to the business cycle and Kubler-Ross’s insights on the stages of death/grief, although it was not meant to be used like this, again, describes the lifecycle of a dying business accurately. Although a business is a faceless and nameless entity, it still can die and that death can effect all who work for that company.

Now the death of the business creates a mass grieving for employees at the workplace. Many become displaced and consequently, that displacement is the source of additional grief and that loss is like a 6 headed Hydra because it affects so many other areas, such as finances, vacation, college savings, the home, and future plans. The company is the same way. They are asking questions like, do I reopen, do I restructure, do I hold on, do I let go and start over? Hundreds of questions must be answered before a solution can even be rendered.

The plan for the business going forward is based on how the powers that be will want to move. Company executives must understand that this issue of business grief, consequently extends grief to their employees and it will destroy the business unless a true and effective plan is implemented. For example, the lack of pivot is a causing issues for the post office; which is one of the biggest public/private ventures of all time, to be in significant jeopardy. This business is dying a slow death for a few reason, slow reaction to change, government assaults, and strong competition, has turned a job (with a guaranteed good life) into job that will allow a person to survive a little while longer. It is crazy that mentalities have now gone from thrive mode to survival mode. Many business and people are having a challenge with the shift in-mentality.

The big challenge lies in the fact that both the dragon, which was the defender(job) is dying, while several soldiers, have become mass casualties as well. What I am saying is that they are symbiotic and one entity affects the other and neither can defend itself, because both can’t address the simultaneous assault.

Some, it is because they work in their own self interest (Enron was an example), while others take a “Big Dog” approach and refuse to accept change, choosing to believe their size will withstand it (Block Buster) but not understanding that their status, inability or refusal to morph, change, or acquire, has led them to their ultimate destruction, along with thousands of employee ( Excuse the stray in the conversation, this article is not meant to address companies that are no longer here, it was meant to show that due to lack of addressing things or refusal in seeing the signs early, is one of the businesses signals of death, when they relax their hiring practices.(

Condition changes such as COVID-19 have exposed cracks in companies armors, that were never anticipated, causing major losses, some companies are pursuing a strategy of hyper growth as a means of survival, needless to say, they are hiring. The job shortage is interesting because so many businesses are hiring and there is so much talent out there, that it is absolutely weird. A disparage that should have self corrected some time ago. Exposing some companies desperate attempts to grow, or face death. Needless to say the decision is a stage where businesses are slowly dying. (

One of those decisions is growth, right now some businesses are looking to save money and increase hiring simultaneously, which may lead to relaxed hiring practices that may support the short-term, but inevitably and sometimes irreparably the business suffers long term. Today’s hiring practices, may affect tomorrows results.

With American businesses loosing between 50-100 billion dollars annually, due to misdiagnosing workplace grief, consulting a specialist helps companies understand the problems they did not know they had because of grief related issues in and outside of the company. Circling back to hiring, business grief and business practices and moves that can affect the future, it is easy to see why consulting an expert is a benefit to the company.

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