Memories serve the purpose of recall. The memories itself may be a challenge or may be great experiences, pending. Lately, I have come to realize that even the bad memories are not so bad, considering that you can use them to fuel the vehicle to your better life. I was looking for some information to validate my thoughts on this, because I am no expert psychologist or clinical therapist, so this is simply based off of experience(s) self and others. Strong research and the benefits of seeing the good in challenging situations (perspective, outlook, perception) help to stay thankful that the memories are just what they are; memories.

Research shows that others see my point of view and have in fact help validate my theories of using bad experiences as fuel to push you forward into your destiny. As I said earlier I found a writing. It was on a website called The article stated, "While it may feel easier to just repress hard things or try to push them out of our minds, reflecting back on, processing, and learning from bad memories is how we develop and grow as people." (Higgins, M. 2018)

Trust me, you know it is the hardest part of change and growth, but it is the stage we must go through to get to better. Based on that, use these negative experiences as learning tools. The article actually discusses the benefits of using memories to your advantage (to help you get over bad situations). Changing your focus to a brighter future, relishing in a good memory that doesn't involve your past, exploring your newness; by attempting to do something new, and you get the point.

Don't live in your past but understand that each second carries value. Especially the previous seconds, because you can never get them back, replace them or recreate them. But again, you can take the lessons learned and use them to address future issues that may be similar. Remember that your must learn to manage challenging experiences, that can be one way. Zach Williams and Dolly Parton sang a duet call There was Jesus In the song a lyric states, "There's a blessing in the broken pieces". This, I feel is a true statement. Lessons from challenges, rare nuggets of knowledge unique to your story all help provide perspective. Understand that growth comes with pain and those that make every attempt to avoid it, quickly become ensnared in the trap of mediocrity. Instead of fighting for their fate, they just let fate fall where it may.

To get to the other side of whatever you are facing, you first must be absolutely thankful that you are not where you where 24 hours prior, either mentally, physically, or both. You have chosen to make a conscious change. Use the memories to guide you through the storms you may face in the future. The knowledge you gained from the difficulty is invaluable, and it is that memory that may aid a good future decision. Don't worry about past storms, you have already fought them and you are looking for


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