I am soon to be 49 and have been battling depression for forty-one of those years and my refusal to get help ravaged my life. It was a factor in the destruction of my marriage, a cause of carnage within my family, while at the same time, the self destruction of my self-esteem began to form. My life appeared to be a mess. The pressure seemed to be mounting, while more and more challenges kept occurring. I felt like I was going crazy.

I finally got help and eventually began a dialogue with someone else who successfully navigated through similar issues. He reassured me that I was not broken and in fact began to run down a list of famous people and world leaders that have battled some form of depression. He mentioned people like:

Martin Luther King

Winston Churchill

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson

Jim Carrey

Abraham Lincoln

Princess Diana

Richard Branson

Harrison Ford

The list goes on. He then drilled into me the fact that all those people had one thing in common. They all produce greatness or have done so in their lifetimes. Most of the world is not willing to do this or feel this way, Oddly enough depression is a by-product of success. An article in Everyday Health titled, Why Highly Successful People Are Prone to Depression and How They Recover. The article discusses why high functioning people may suffer from mental illness. The writer worked with a contributor from Forbes magazine named Alice Walton.

Walton interviewed psychologists who work with C-suite and high functioning clientele. With their help, she was able to identify six primary reasons why there is more depression among entrepreneurs, CEOs, and highly successful people, than others. Their areas of concern may range from wearying competition to self-esteem problems, and other issues in between. (Borchard, T. April 13, 2020).

Remember, because you are willing to do what others are not, that action may bring you to the brink of immediate and temporary insanity, verse what many people prefer as a slow, long-term, and more painful form of insanity. It is known as the rat race. Many people have made this form of insanity acceptable and it is even encouraged by our influence and influencers.

Understand that you are different from others but not broken by any means. See that your pursuit for excellence may make you feel different than others, but that is because you are. Feel good that you are in a good group of people.

Those that go through these bouts understand that it is one of the hard parts of


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