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Humans are constantly faced with a dilemma around morality and integrity. Everyone preaches these values but given our present chaos, we now have seen that many do not practice what they preach.

for example, it is interesting that some pro-life people will resort to killing others to value a morality of pro-life. It is kind of crazy. I am not weighing on the pro-life aspect (that is a personal decision), I am weighing in on the fact that people would resort to things they are against to get their point across. (this is a sick philosophy)

Another example, we got people fighting over mask wearing, but there was a time when mask wearing was all the rage in American society. It is against your values to wear a mask for public safety but it is well within your purview to were a mask to spark terror (KKK, and group like them). This is weird.

If you look at others through your own eyes of morality, you will be greatly disappointed. Keep in mind, everyone's value system is different. The combination of nature vs nurture, plays a role. I venture to say it is both aspects because from a layman's stand point, I believe that both aspects influence decision. In fact a March 5, 2019 article in, written by Kendra Cherry, discussed the distinctions between the two as well as some of the circumstance that may influence one, the other or both.

Justification of our feeling are also a reason why people bend their morale judgement. The prison systems are full of people that justified their reason for committing their acts, whether they are criminals, guards or wardens

Even family, friends and lovers, have a different sense of morale character. They will screw you quicker than anybody, so understand your personal level of morality and if need be, raise it, in order to attract people with higher moral fibers. It is better to learn from people above you than people below you.

Again, these are just examples of seeing things through other peoples eyes of morality. It will be different than your own, because you are seeking your BETTER LIFE.

To get to your BETTER LIFE you must observe the morality of those around you and then look to see if you have lowed or raised your level of morality to match the company you are keeping.

My bad for getting off topic but oddly enough, our decisions based off of our morale compass, combined with our nature vs nurture aspect, external influences, our own personal character, and integrity, all play vital roles in the way we see things. I was looking for information to back up my claims and ran across an interesting article on a website called Management Study HQ. The article titled Factors Affecting Decision Making, Discussed in the article were ways to influence decision. The article talked about many of the influences that guide decision making and in essence morality, judgement and integrity. This knowledge equips them with the ability to sway the masses or their target affectively.

To get to you BETTER LIFE, you have to identify your personal level of morality and if need be raise your standards.

Never be upset that someone else's morale character is not up to par with yours. Actually, be happy that you have a higher level. Realize that that person or circumstance is below your standards, and make the necessary adjustments. The goal is to GET TO YOUR BETTER LIFE.

Understand the correlation you have between your rights and the morality of the rights that you have.

If it was OK to wear the KKK mask back in the days and that didn't suffocate people, then why would some form of surgical mask, used by doctors do that now? THIS IS SO WIERD. MAYBE I AM MISSING THE POINT.







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