When I speak, some clients ask me about how to begin again. I tell them that they should explore their new, newness by doing one or some of the things you have always intended on doing, but for whatever reason, it got pushed to the back burner.

Some people may wanna take up swimming, karate, or exercise for instance. For me, it started out with cooking. I went from a guy who new nothing about the kitchen to a guy who could feed him and his family well.

You know your good when the kids eagerly ask, "What's for dinner." I realized at that moment that I ventured into my newness. I always was curious about cooking but my wife was an incredible cook and loved to do it, so I never really learned. When she died, her home cooked meals did too. Soon after, I was urged by my wallet and my daughters to do something, (teenagers actually got tired of fast food). One was in college 6 hours away and would bring her friends up on the weekend to enjoy a decent meal. Learning to cook is not only economical, it is really, really fun. The results taste great. I even cook with the girls when they are around. My oldest caught the bug and loves to cook. There is a by-product to everything. I am glad we get to share those experiences.

I now cook as a ritual, stopped eating fast food and have become a little more health conscious. All this to say, a part of finding your newness, is actually finding out your, previous passions, that you never pursued. You will never know what you love, you will never know what you are good at or like, if you never attempt it. The pain of regret is hard, so use this time of healing as an opportunity to learn new aspects of you.


It ultimately might steer you in another direction. From cooking, I have explored other avenues, some I liked and some not so cool. I am now blogging, which would never have happened, if I didn't explore the new of my newness.

I am literally changing my career. I decided to go all in

and exercise my gift of motivational speaking. I know I can help people deal with challenging circumstances. Coming through several dark days" myself, I let my clients know that I can relate and because I found my strength, they can too.

Again, part of being new is exploring new endeavors and breaking new ground. Do what you like to do, but find something new to attempt. Don't worry about what anybody else thinks about it, If you always wanted to learn a new language, learn it, if you always wanted to learn how to swim, get to a pool. The feeling of learning is the feeling of achieving and it leads to the exploration of your newness. You have moved from the can't do it stage, to the growth and opportunity stage, when you attempt something new.


As I said, I am glad I can feed me and the girls well

  1. Shrimp and grits

  2. Sushi (and yes, I rolled it)

  3. Homemade pizza with the veggie works






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