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The quest for greatness

It is incredibly challenging to want greatness. Also pending your definition, the term means different things to different people. Some seek fortune and fame, while others seek to be the best of the best in their chosen field. Whatever our definition is though, it takes a lot of fortitude and resilience. There are many dark nights, tiring days and that ever lonely feeling, because 98% of the world is not going to take that ride with you.

Sometimes you feel like you are in the Matrix and everyone except you has taken the blue pill. Your choice to ingest the red one, yields some scary, but truthful insights. Most of those insights’ others are not willing to see, or if they see, they chose to turn away. A doctor named Saul Levine, penned an article on December 8, 2015, titled The Denial of Reality. In it, Dr. Levine states, [it is] “A psychological defense we all use at times to reduce our anxiety when something feels particularly disturbing.

In essence, he is stating the fact that we are choosing not to see the reality, because it is scary. Take our present political unrest in America and for that

matter, around the world. Americans did not want to believe that open hatred for our fellow American brothers, (based on race, sex, religion, etc.) did not exist in pockets as large as they are. Many believed that these evils existed but were contained to a small group. Now we see that it is much more of a plague than people wanted to admit.

Although the solution is not a popular one, seeing this truth with a hint more reality can stop this craziness. The quest for greatness on the other hand is crazy times 10. We have decided that the bizarro world is reality and those that escape it are superhuman. When in truth, they constantly beat on their craft b marry it with their talent to appear beyond normal. Take Kobe, Mike, or Lebron for example. Yes, they all have talent, but it is also their work ethic that as David Coggins refers to it, makes them “uncommon amongst the uncommon” (Coggins, D. 2018). People simply do not want to work that hard. Although we have the ability, many lack the desire. The ability is afforded to everyone, the desire is only sought by a few.

This is the reason that many prefer the blue pill to the red one. Most would rather be in the herd, verses leading the pack. That decision usually comes back around to bite people in the rear, in the end.

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