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Updated: Jan 11, 2021

When a Caterpillar transforms into a Butterfly, it is not a pretty site. Stage 1 of the change for instances, involves the caterpillar literally eating itself (Jabar, F. August 10, 2012). needless to say, change is not easy, but the results can be magnificent. Another article in a blog dedicated to butterflies called,, described the process of Caterpillar/Butterfly transformation with special emphasis on the pupa/chrysalis stage. This is the final stage before the caterpillar fully transforms and become a beautiful butterfly. Joel Osteen even alluded to this incredible transformation in his sermon titled, "Your Wings Are Coming."

It is very similar to the darkness some feel engulfed by. It is dark in the chrysalis, but at the same time a transformation is developing. "It is always darkest before the dawn" (Fuller, T. 1650). We must relish the dark day and times, because it is depositing jewels of knowledge in us, that can only be learned and appreciated via pain or challenge. Realize that what you are going through is a matter of perspective. As Inky Johnson often eludes too, "don't worry about what you lost, what did you gain." That perspective moves you forward. Where focusing on the loss can move you back. True transformation encompasses that change in perspective. Ever forward. Break out of your shell.

Caterpillars can't worry or think about the past because if they did, they would not fly, they would crawl. An absolutely unnatural sight to see. Some people have been living an unnatural existence for a long time. Breaking out of your shell can be difficult, but it must be done. A butterfly will die if it stays in it's chrysalis, and so will you, if you stay a victim to your misery.

The methods of transformation truly suck. It hurts, it's mentally painful, but the end result is oh so beautiful. It is what you are seeking when you are looking to


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