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One of my most confusing times occurs when I make the mistake of touting mediocrity. Looking at it as some job well done. Just getting through it verses doing my best work. I later see another person who has done something similiar and I realize that in some situations, I didn't do my best. But because it was better than most, I considered it good enough.

I get on some "HAPPY TO BE IN THE HERD" mess, instead of fighting to be the at the head of the pack. I now understand that everything that can be done, must be done. Everything done must be in the search for greatness.

Greatness is a state of mind. not one that says it's ok to do just enough to get by and call it great.

Simply focus on being and doing your best under every and any circumstance. Now that is the kicker, some people don't fucntion well, when life gets difficult.

The great ones, find a way to rise from the ashes and steer on to victory. Your Colby's, Serenas,

Michael's, Tom's, Tiger's and Mia's all found a way to do it. Mind you under intense pressure, exhaustion, and an extreme fear of failure, they still pulled it out. That's what makes them great in their particular field. Truthfully, the housewife, the businessman, schoolteachers or doctors excel in their given field also. That is greatness, because when you excel in the day to day, you are equipt to handle almost anything.

There is a stark difference between good and great between mediocrity and excellence. Sometimes people make the mistake of allowing good and mediocre to masquerade as greatnesss and excellence. I did that for to long. Never again.








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