Updated: Feb 25, 2021

I just realized how my very challenging life situations, have become a benefit to other. These consequences were absolutely unintended by me, because I clearly would not have taken the path I took to help people. Allow me to explain.

I went through over 25 years of depression, grief, loss, betrayal, molestation (mental & Physical), and several others forms of suffering, which led me to move from my home state of NJ, to Austin, TX. Today, Saturday, 2/20/2021, I saw a twinkle of a reason, why things have happened to me. (not the reasons for them happening, just the results. Which oddly trump the reasons by a wide margin.) So now you see why I moved to Austin. Now let me tell you about my epiphany.

We have been in the midst of a nasty winter storm down here and it has cause all types of chaos, from electrical outages to food shortages. For a minute Austin resemble that movie, The Day After Tomorrow. I also took a five day hiatus from cigarettes, constantly in my quest to quit. This day, the urge really got me and I went and bought a pack, took out 5 and tossed the rest. Now before you clap, I have done this before, but this is not the point of the story. I am walking back to my apartment complex from my car and notice this older Mexican lady with about 15 shopping bags. My first instinct was to walk past her and ignore the obvious struggle she was having (I also justified this thought when the truck that dropped her off just pulled away). My better angel prevailed and I asked if she needed help. She was so grateful in her broken English, and all I did was help her with a few groceries. A small gesture to me, but I soon realized it was a huge thing to her.

I am in no way saying that act is the reason for my being, I am simply saying it is a by-product. We are all put on this Earth to help each other and needless to say, I realized that everything I went though, all my trial and tribulations, helped forge my decision to move down to Austin, TX and other decisions aided to my move into this complex (and recent apartment location change). All of these actions culminated into helping that lady with her groceries.

I looked up and thanked the Lord for the incredible nugget of insight he just bestowed upon me. For years I struggled (still am) with the "WHY" of what happened to me and today a small part of my burning, eternal question was answered. I understand that I am in a quest to get to the other side of something good, at times you must remember the situations that brought you here. Ultimately, be thankful that the challenges moved you, because in a respect the are promoting you. Do not always see the challenge as bad, there are lessons and jewels buried in those broken pieces. Looking for them, will lead you to


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