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Wisdom is not the only thing acquired as we age. Sometimes, people may be affected, via memory loss, physical restrictions or just plain old pan. All these lead us to feel that we may have lost a step or two. The feelings are natural and in fact, they unfortunately become par for the course. A Mayo Clinic article discussed some of the changes as we age. Everything from brain activity to cardiovascular systems are affected. 

Since we cannot stop the many changes, older men and women, must now pivot and explore new options to maintain their health both physically and mentally.  

Finding out what is new about you, automatically guides you to the BETTER VERSION OF YOU.  Discovering a hidden talent or skill that lied dormant in you for decades, is new and provides a new opportunity for a second calling or lifestyle. Look at Colonel Sanders of KFC Fame. This many took a risk and used his social security money to help his business in its birth. Mind you, he was 62 when he started KFC in 1952, during the Great Depression. Your possibilities are endless, and your experience and wisdom will allow you to successfully pivot and combine new learning with old tactics. The result will be a BETTER VERSION OF YOU.


Having a new routine, based solely off of your old ones, will not get you to the BETTER VERSION OF YOU.  A few techniques are listed below. They are simple but very effect in helping to find your newness.

  • Change daily travel route

  • Do something you have always wanted to 

  • Learn a new skill or hobby

  • Make it a habit to practice one new word each day.

  • Use more technology

1 new thing attempted weekly, will have exposed you to 52 new things in the course of one year. 

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